When you set foot into one of the high-end entertainment establishments in Kigali, you will find yourself in the midst of zealous and jovial customers, in addition to a fully packed night club. The phenomenon indicates that the residents of Kigali city are welcoming the high-end night clubs and are easing into the nightlife experience, as the entertainment facilities like Papyrus and the Junction enhance their schedules to late nights or round the clock operations. Intriguingly though, the population of Kigali city grows in quantities and the number of foreigners who visit the country expands remarkably, which presents gaps to be bridged by investors with facts in mind.

One of the facts is: the comparison of all the international meetings, conferences and exhibitions taking place in Kigali versus the number of operating high-end entertainment facilities, presents inadequacy on the side of the facilities.
Different sites have been prepared by the Government of Rwanda to be occupied by the Entertainment Zone, one of the sub-sectors of the Kigali Master Plan. The sites include Kimicanga and Remera (a source tells us that the business in the Remera plots already partaken by investors is driving itself; a positive sign to potential investors).
Moreover, another entertainment practice whose performance lingers in Kigali is the practice of festive occasions: concerts, festivals, galas and banquets. The weather in Rwanda allows festive occasions to occur as many times as weekly, biweekly and monthly. Only a few events of this kind happen annually in Rwanda, posing a fervent need for frequent festivities.

All in all, the Government of Rwanda is not at all idle; in fact much intellectual and financial effort is being invested into the construction of some entertainment projects in order to move one step closer to turning Rwanda into an attractive, efficient and sufficient MICE Tourism destination. Rwanda Development Board is working on initiatives for the project of the Cultural Village that is to be located in Rebero; the village will serve as a destination that creates the Rwandan Culture experience for delegates and even for the locals. Investors for the Cultural Village have been secured already. Other projects that are underway include the establishment of recreation centres: amusement parks and cinemas (Kigali currently has only one cinema) and a golf club.

The aforementioned flurry of activity in the high-end clubs, and the drive to push forward underway projects all began with the Kigali Master plan, a roadmap that guides the implementation of physical development of Kigali City. In the entertainment sub-sector, there are perspective areas of the three commercial zones included in the plan; the zones being Exhibition entertainment, Live entertainment and Mass media entertainment. Thus, potential investors could obtain profit by investing in the implementation of these areas: museums and galleries (for Exhibition entertainment); theatre, cinema, concerts and night clubs (for Live entertainment); and/or Fashion, TV, Radio, music industries (for Mass media entertainment).
However, different issues hinder the swift process of Kigali Master Plan implementation. The constraints include limited City funding, limited economic capacity of land owners and illegal constructions. In spite of the constraints though, the Master Plan of Kigali city is set to be fully implemented by 2040.